• Spells To Break Up A Marriage For Free

Spells to break up a marriage for free that work

If you are a satanist then I guess you would — but I AM NOT A SATANIST, nor do I work/call or ask anything of that entity. I am a conjure woman, that means I work with the power of nature, God-given powers of plants, roots, herbs, the earth, the river, the ocean, phase of the moon, etc., to cast my spells. There is NO HARM to you, me or the people involved. There doesn’t ever need to be, unless of course you REQUEST one of the parties to be harmed. I have gotten these types of request from angry and justified husbands and wives who want the person who seduced there spouse to “suffer”. Again, usually this is temporary suffering such as “humiliation by the cheating spouse so that the person who seduced them can be put to shame, etc.”.

Spells to break up a marriage for free immediately

Yes and no. If you do not have any knowledge of spells (how they work, how to properly cast them, etc.) then you might do more harm than good, or it simply will not work. {Example: One client told me she purchased break up spell powders from an online shop, but accidentally spilled it on her own bed but it was not intended for her, but for her sister who is in an abusive relationship. Her boyfriend broke up with her the next day, and the sister is still in an abusive relationship! This is an example of not knowing what you’re doing and messing things up!} If you wish to learn how to cast breakup spells in particular, get some knowledge first. There are many, many methods that produce varying results depending on what your goals are. You do not have to formally belong to any one religion to cast effect spells. Magic is magic no matter whether you are Wiccan, Santeria or Vodou priest or any other religious system.

Spells to break up a marriage for free that work fast

I myself practice earth-based magic, conjure work, and do not belong to any religion. My spells are very effective, and I see the results I cast the spell for, with rare exceptions – 98% of the time, within 3 to 21 days. But then again, I’ve been training magically under powerful conjurer’s and witches all of my life, and professionally, for over 26 years. While there are some good books on spell work out there (see recommended books list here), the truth is, there is nothing like a mentor. If you are interested in learning hands-on, how to cast spells, check out the upcoming seminars and courses at “Learn Spell Casting“. And yes, some people are “gifted” for break up spells (I belong to this group) – but with proper training and practice, you can also become an effective spell caster too!