• Santeria Love Spells With Honey

strongest santeria magic spells

Honey is a sweet nectar that is obtained from the bee hives via different process, it is very tasty to eat it and is used in many preparations, well this is what we all know about honey right? But, what if, I tell you that love spells are often casted using honey. Yes love spells using honey is made lot of time to bring in the sweet effects and results of the love spell being created and casted

strongest santeria magic spells spells that work especially if you are cursed. These are also curse banishing spells for instance if you feel like you are going through a situation especially because you know someone put black magic on you etc it’s time to rise up using these effective voodoo curse spell. Much as you want to have peace and happiness in life you should also learn how to fight your battles because in the 21st century everyone wants to be successful this has created unhealthy competition which is the current reason why you see too much indifference in people’s lives today. So if you really want to start experiencing life without barriers then it’s time to strike as soon as possible using these effective voodoo curses spell.

Strongest santeria magic spells

The following is one of the most commonly used and popular of all Santeria spells and the cause for this is that it is has a calm learning curvature meaning that just regarding anyone can learn it in a short time and better however, be able to do so with no too much irritate. Still, unlike some of the more composite and advanced Santeria ritual, this exacting spell does not require numerous amounts of relics for it to be perform.

Attract love with honey. Today we will see the honey for the love spell. What to do to prepare a jar with honey to attract a man or woman in your life using the sweetener properties of this ingredient, and an effective spell to enhance the effect. You will see that it is not necessary to bathe with honey to attract the love of someone special. This spell is commonly used to sweeten someone, i.e. make it more enjoyable for you. You can use it to improve your current relationship, or even about yourself, to become a more attractive. see then How to attract love with honey.

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First, take your paper and write the person's name to sweeten three times. Then turn the paper ninety degrees and writes your name up, three times. You must make the names intersect each other, with your loved ones at the top. After that, you focus on what you want to get with this sweetening: If you want to attract love with honey, if you want that someone is more kind to you, etc. Once you've decided it, write your desire around the names. Do this without lifting the pencil, making that the words are connected. Once you've finished writing you can return to the dot on the I and cross the T. Now that you have your ready paper, you can fold it and sink it into the bottle that you've filled with honey. To do this, touch the honey with your fingers. After you remove your finger and pronounce aloud this incantation.